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Figure 7

From: Lignin triggers irreversible cellulase loss during pretreated lignocellulosic biomass saccharification

Figure 7

Carbohydrate binding module (CBM) binds strongly to lignin isolated from AFEX-CS. Here, percentage of protein fluorescence lost (% RFU Lost) due to GFP-CBM1 (filled blue diamonds) and GFP (empty blue diamonds) binding to lignin isolated from AFEX-CS is shown. For subtractive mass balance binding experiments, protein concentration was held constant at 0.2 μM and measured after 1 h of protein-lignin binding at 22°C. Error bars indicate standard deviations (±σ) for reported mean values and in some cases are smaller than the symbols. All assays were carried out in triplicate on two separate days.

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