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Table 1 Composition of various biomass substrates and maximum expected concentration of glucose, xylose, and lignin in pretreated biomass hydrolyzates (1% glucan loading basis) tested in this study

From: Lignin triggers irreversible cellulase loss during pretreated lignocellulosic biomass saccharification

Substrates Biomass composition Maximum concentration (g/L)
Glucan Xylan Lignin Glucose Xylose Lignin
IL-CS 46.9% 29.8% 2.7% 11.11 7.22 0.58
AFEX-CS 34.6% 19.6% 11.0% 11.11 5.66 3.18
DA-CS 60.6% 3.3% 32.9% 11.11 0.62 5.43
  1. Compositional data are on a dry weight basis. Lignin values reported here are for acid-insoluble Klason lignin only. All analyses were carried out in triplicate with mean values reported. Standard deviations in all cases were less than 10% of the reported mean values.