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Figure 6

From: Positional preferences of acetyl esterases from different CE families towards acetylated 4-O-methyl glucuronic acid-substituted xylo-oligosaccharides

Figure 6

Deacetylation by acetyl xylan esterase from carbohydrate esterase family 5. Relative signal intensities (% area of the total area of acetyl groups and acetic acid present) for acetyl xylan esterase CE5 (A. niger)-treated acetylated xylo-oligosaccharides. 3-O (triangles), 2-O (squares), 2,3-di-O (circles) acetylated Xylp, 3-O acetylated Xylp 2-O substituted with MeGlcA (diamonds), and acetic acid released (asterisks).

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