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Table 3 Ethanol recovery from solid state fermented (SSF) round bales using a vacuum distiller

From: On-farm solid state simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of whole crop forage rice in wrapped round bale for ethanol production

  SSF round bale Ethanol recovery
Weight (kg fresh matter) Ethanol (kg) Ethanol (kg) Recovery rate (%) Distillation time (hours)
First 232 12.3 5.2 42.3 6
Second 244 12.4 10.7 86.3 12
Total 476 24.7 15.9 64.4 18
  1. Ethanol recovery test from SSF round bales of whole forage rice plant (cv. Leaf Star) using a pilot-scale vacuum distiller (Tokai Resource Co.) was repeated two times with distinct distillation times (6 and 12 hours), and the amounts of recovered ethanol were compared.