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Figure 6

From: Untreated Chlorella homosphaera biomass allows for high rates of cell wall glucan enzymatic hydrolysis when using exoglucanase-free cellulases

Figure 6

Scanning electron microscopy of ground C. homosphaera biomass (A) before enzymatic hydrolysis and (B) after 48 h of enzymatic hydrolysis using the A. awamori-T. reesei blend. Samples were adhered to carbon tape, sputter-coated with 28 nm gold using an Emitech/K550 model and observed via SEM as described in the Materials and methods section. Magnifications of × 1,200 (A) and × 6,000 (B) were chosen to show the action of the enzyme blend more clearly on C. homosphaera biomass. The scale bars represent 50 μm (A) and 10 μm (B).

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