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Table 2 Mass balance analysis of the benchtop SHCF process

From: From wheat straw to bioethanol: integrative analysis of a separate hydrolysis and co-fermentation process with implemented enzyme production

  Input Output
1st step: enzyme production ( T. reesei SVG17)
Pre-cultures (WSpre-culture) 5.6 g DM WS  
Batch cultivation (WSfungal ferm) 120 g DM WS  
Total cellulolytic activity   1.7 FPU/mL
ηHandling 75%   5,100 FPU total
2nd step: saccharification (enzymatic hydrolysis)
Substrate loading (WSenz hydrolysis) 170 g DM WS  
Glucose (ηGlucose 67%, ηHandling 75%)   39.5 g
Xylose (ηXylose 95%, ηHandling 75%)   18.4 g
3rd step: ethanol production ( S. cerevisiae IBB10B05)
Ethanol (Y Ethanol 0.4 g/gGlc+Xyl)   23.1 g
Substrate loading - pre-treated 295.6 g DM WS  
Substrate loading - raw material 325.2 g DM RM  
Ethanol   23.1 g
Y Ethanol-Process 71.2 gEthanol/kgDM RM
  1. An overview of the process is depicted in Figure 1. Boundary conditions: batch fermentations with 30 gDM WS/L, 15% DM WS, and 30 FPU/gDM WS.