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Table 1 Harvest wet weight, US/regional source and cold hardiness of 13 Agave species

From: Development of Agave as a dedicated biomass source: production of biofuels from whole plants

Agave species Whole plant harvest wet wt (g) US States, territorya Cold hardiness (°C)b
Agave americana var. Big Blue 1829.4 CA; AZ; TX; LA; FL; HI; VI −9
Agave americana var. marginata 2559.8 −7b
Agave americana var. gainesville 2503.7 −9b
Agave angustifolia 70.1 Imported −4
Agave decipiens 89.6 FL −1b
Agave ghiesbreghtii 169.4 Imported −4
Agave havardiana 549.5 NM; TX −23
Agave lechuguilla 1223.8 TX −18
Agave neomexicana 155.9 AZ; TX −29
Agave parryi var. truncate 72.2 AZ; NM; TX −9
Agave salmiana var. ferox 2580.8 Imported −4
Agave tequilana 1708.6 Imported −4
Agave univitatta var. compacta 163.6 AZ; TX −7
  1. aLocations from a USDA database (
  2. bCold hardiness: J Notestein, personal communication; others from [2]