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Table 1 MtLPMO9A oxidation on various polysaccharide substrates

From: Discovery of the combined oxidative cleavage of plant xylan and cellulose by a new fungal polysaccharide monooxygenase


Occurrence of oxidation

Without ascorbic acid

With 1 mM ascorbic acid

GlcOS #n *a

XOS #n *b

GlcOS #n *

XOS #n *













 β-Glucan barley


 β-Glucan oat spelt











RAC/hemicellulose combination








  1. aGluco-oligosaccharides oxidized at the C1 (GlcOS #n ) or C4 position (GlcOSn *).
  2. bXylo-oligosaccharides oxidized at the C1 (XOS #n ) or C4 position (XOSn *).
  3. cRegenerated amorphous cellulose (RAC), crystalline cellulose (Avicel).
  4. dXyloglucan from tamarind seed.
  5. eOat spelt xylan (OSX), birchwood xylan (BiWX), wheat arabinoxylan (WAX).
  6. fβ-(1 → 4)-linked gluco- and xylo-oligosaccharides, degree of polymerization 2–5.
  7. gβ-(1 → 4)-linked-d-mannosyl backbone from guar (medium viscosity), purchased from Megazyme (Bray, Ireland).