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Fig. 3

From: Bacteriophage application restores ethanol fermentation characteristics disrupted by Lactobacillus fermentum

Fig. 3

Genome maps of EcoSau and EcoInf. Predicted genes are represented by boxes above and below the heavy black line; boxes above the lines are genes encoded on the forward strand, and those below the lines are on the reverse strand. The ruler below the genomes indicates the scale (in kb). Genome features (novel or conserved proteins of unknown function, proteins with functional assignment, tRNA genes, terminal repeat) are color coded according to the legend. Lines above the map show the extent of the suggested functional modules. a Comparison map of EcoSau to L. johnsonni FI9785 prophage LAJO. The LAJO prophage encompasses the region encoding locus tags FI9785_801 to FI9785_849 (accession no. NC_013504). Putative attL and attR sites on the prophage genomic termini are indicated. Genomic map of EcoSau was opened between gp 27 and gp 28 for easy comparison and alignment with the rest two genomes. Proteins sharing identities (e value <10−5) were linked with black lines. b Genome map of EcoInf

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