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Fig. 5

From: An integrative Raman microscopy-based workflow for rapid in situ analysis of microalgal lipid bodies

Fig. 5

Mutagenic screen for increased lipid production. a, b Dot plot relating cell size (FSC-A) with the inner cell complexity (SSC-A) of cells and SSC-A with emission intensity of BODIPY in the green fluorescence bandwidth range (FITC-A and AmCyan-A) for CC-503 (a) and cells selected during the second round of screen (b). Bright field and fluorescence microscope images of cells stained with BODIPY for CC-503 wild-type (c) and UV-treated cells and selected during the second round of screen (d). Raman analysis of screened population (e, f). Raman analysis of a sample of 30 different mutants. e The results of ratiometric characterization for 30 different cells on calibration plot (red squares, some overlapping). f The spread of respective values

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