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Table 2 Determining the reference transcripts through de novo assemblies using different sets of data

From: RNA-Seq transcriptomic analysis with Bag2D software identifies key pathways enhancing lipid yield in a high lipid-producing mutant of the non-model green alga Dunaliella tertiolecta

No. Samples used for assembly Size of the assembled file (MB) Gene model Number of non-redundant ranscripts
(i) WT 9.4 3818 14,903
(ii) WT + D9 16.9 5360 23,564
(iii) Enlarged Dt-1 45.8 7023 47,276
  1. The BlastX cut-off value is E-value ≤10−6 for this comparison. The results of D. tertiolecta transcripts with BlastX hits to C. reinhardtii as reference