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Fig. 2

From: Engineering a novel glucose-tolerant β-glucosidase as supplementation to enhance the hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse at high glucose concentration

Fig. 2

Thermostability of Bgl6 and the mutants. a Half-lives of Bgl6 and the mutants at 50 °C are 1 h (Bgl6), 8 h (V174A), 21 h (V174C), 5 h (A404 V), 2 h (L441F), and 48 h (M3). b Thermal inactivation curves of Bgl6 and the mutants. The T50 values are 53.1 °C (Bgl6), 57.3 °C (V174A), 57.6 °C (V174C), 55.3 °C (A404 V), 54.2 °C (L441F), and 60.7 °C (M3). Data points are the average of triplicate measurements, and error bars represent standard deviation

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