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Fig. 1

From: Effects of overexpression of a bHLH transcription factor on biomass and lipid production in Nannochloropsis salina

Fig. 1

The pNsbHLH2 vector and identification of the plasmid in transformants. a Schematic map of the pNsbHLH2 plasmid. b PCR detection of the plasmid in two transgenic strains and WT by agarose gel electrophoresis to verify the Shble PCR product (357 bp) and 18S rDNA (380 bp). c Southern blotting of NsbHLH2 transformants. Genomic DNA was digested by SspI or KpnI, and then hybridized with a 357 bp fragment of the partial Shble gene. 3–6, 3–11: different NsbHLH2 transformants; M marker; V pNsbHLH2 vector; W wild type

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