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Table 6 Mean Shannon diversity, richness, Pielou’s evenness and Bray–Curtis dissimilarity values for microbial communities from different treatments

From: Preservation of microbial communities enriched on lignocellulose under thermophilic and high-solid conditions

  Shannon diversitya Richnessa Evennessa Bray–Curtis dissimilarity comparison to inoculuma
Inoculum 3.11 A,B 155 A 0.62 A,B 0
Control 3.20 A 160 A 0.63 A 0.21 A
DMSO 2.71 B 131 B 0.56 B 0.39 A,B
Glycerol 2.83 A,B 132 B 0.58 A,B 0.41 B
  1. aMeans followed by the same letter within columns are not statistically different at α = 0.05 based on Tukey–Kramer HSD test, blocked by reactor