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Fig. 7

From: Whole-genome sequence of an evolved Clostridium pasteurianum strain reveals Spo0A deficiency responsible for increased butanol production and superior growth

Fig. 7

Transmission electron micrographs of C. pasteurianum after 5 days in culture. a WT cells show characteristic sporulation development including clostridial-form bulging cell shape. bc M150B and ΔSpo0A and cells are rod shaped with no obvious sporulation development. d Isolation and enlargement of individual WT cell image from 7A shows spore core (c), cortex (cx), granulose bodies (g), and the multilayered spore coat structure (solid red arrow). e, f Isolation and enlargement of individual M150B and ΔSpo0A cell images from 7b, c show probable mesosomes (thick striped arrows) and globular electron dense regions (fine striped arrows)

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