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Table 5 Gene ontology analysis of the consensus transcriptional responses by comparing gene expression profiles of the inhibitor-resistant strain YC1 and the wild-type strain S-C1 across different stress conditions

From: Transcriptional profiling reveals molecular basis and novel genetic targets for improved resistance to multiple fermentation inhibitors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

GO term (GO ID) Genes Annotated to the GO term
Carbohydrate metabolic process (GO:0005975) YBR001C, YBR105C, YCL018W, YCL040W, YCR005C, YDL174C, YDL193W, YER062C, YFL053W, YGL134W, YGR254W, YHR046C, YHR174W, YJR096W, YKL201C, YLL026W, YML100W, YMR135C, YMR145C, YNR001C, YOL032W, YOL059W, YOL086C, YOL136C, YOR299W
Response to chemical (GO:0042221) YBR006W, YBR101C, YCR021C, YDL124W, YDR135C, YFL053W, YFR022W, YGR008C, YJL034W, YJL128C, YJR096W, YKL062W, YKL073W, YKL109W, YKR066C, YKR071C, YLL026W, YLR350W, YMR250W, YNL007C, YOL081W, YPL026C, YPL239W, YPR036W-A
Transmembrane transport (GO:0055085) YAL005C, YBR287W, YCL025C, YCR021C, YCR023C, YDR046C, YDR086C, YDR135C, YDR345C, YEL024W, YER103W, YGL006W, YGR065C, YGR138C, YHL036W, YHR092C, YJL034W, YKL073W, YKL174C, YLL024C, YNL125C, YPL036W, YPR156C
Cellular amino acid metabolic process (GO:0006520) YBR006W, YCL018W, YCR005C, YDL182W, YDR135C, YGL196W, YIR034C, YJR078W, YJR103W, YJR109C, YJR137C, YLR142W, YMR250W, YNL037C, YNL073W, YNR001C, YOL086C, YOR136W, YOR202W, YPL160W, YPR035W
Nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process (GO:0055086) YCR021C, YDR135C, YDR529C, YEL021W, YEL024W, YEL041W, YER036C, YER037W, YJR078W, YJR103W, YKL073W, YMR145C, YNL088W, YNL220W, YOL059W, YOL081W, YOL086C, YOR204W, YPL036W, YPR181C