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Fig. 2

From: Predicting compositions of microbial communities from stoichiometric models with applications for the biogas process

Fig. 2

Maximum community growth rate, biomass yields, and optimality degree in the two-species model for growth on lactate. a Maximum community growth rate µ C as function of the community composition (F DV: biomass fraction of D. vulgaris; the fraction of M. maripaludis is 1-F DV) in the two-species model with lactate as substrate for D. vulgaris. b Maximum biomass yields for D. vulgaris (per lactate consumed; red dashed line) and for M. maripaludis (per methane produced, blue solid line). c Optimality degree (OptDeg) of the community versus fractional biomass abundance. The maximum OptDeg gives the predicted operation point. The biomass yields (b) and OptDeg (c) were calculated for the maximum community growth rate at the respective community composition

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