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Table 3 Suitable conditions for the lichen biofilm formation with better algae attachment

From: Mycoalgae biofilm: development of a novel platform technology using algae and fungal cultures

Parameters Conditions tested Suitable conditions for lichen-type biofilm formation
Different fungal strains with C. vulgaris Mucor circinelloides UMN-B34; Fusarium equiseti (A11); Fusarium lacertarum (A13); Nigrospora oryzae (A16); Altermaria alternate (A20); Fusarium equiseti (B5); Mucor hiemalis (B7) and Mortierella isabellina (MI) Mucor sp. UMN B34
Matrix type Cotton/cotton-polypropylene/metal matrices Polypropylene-Yarn
Duration of the process 0–180 h After 160 h > 98 % algae attachment