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Table 4 Performance of the optimized fed-batch run compared to the standard batch conditions (HL-ND) conducted in the PSI reactor

From: Dynamic flux balance modeling to increase the production of high-value compounds in green microalgae

Property Unit Standard batch Optimized fed-batch
Max. biomass density \({\rm g}_\mathrm{dw}\,{\rm L}^{-1}\) 1.38 3.40
Max. \(\upbeta\)-carotene density \({\rm mg}\,{\rm L}^{-1}\) 67.73 140.06
Max. \(\upbeta\)-carotene fraction \({\rm mg}\,{\rm g}_{\rm dw}^{-1}\) 49.09 59.53
Max. \(\upbeta\)-carotene productivity \({\rm mg}\,{\rm L}^{-1}{\rm d}^{-1}\) 11.53 17.48