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Table 2 Engineered S. cerevisiae strains constructed in this study by replacement, in the reference strain CEN.PK113-7D, of the native alleles of ASG1, ADH3, GIS4 and/or SKS1 by mutated alleles identified in mutagenized and/or evolved acetic acid tolerant strains

From: A new laboratory evolution approach to select for constitutive acetic acid tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and identification of causal mutations

Strain name Collection name Origin of mutation Genotype
{ASG1}MUT1A IMI317 MUT1A MATa, asg1G1248A
{ASG1,ADH3}MUT1A IMI318 MUT1A MATa, asg1G1248A, adh3G416T
{ASG1}MUT2B IMI320 MUT2B MATa, asg1G1248T
{ASG1,ADH3}MUT2B IMI319 MUT2B MATa, asg1G1248T, adh3T966G
{ASG1,ADH3,SKS1}MUT2B IMI327 MUT2B MATa, asg1G1248T, adh3T966G, sks1G821T
{GIS4}MUT3E IMI307 MUT3E MATa, gis4G1322C
{ASG1}HAT1E IMI316 HAT1E MATa, asg1A1979G
{ASG1}HAT2A IMI321 HAT2A MATa, asg1G2881C
{ASG1,ADH3}HAT2A IMI326 HAT2A MATa, asg1G2881C, adh3T201A
{ASG1,ADH3,SKS1}HAT2A IMI328 HAT2A MATa, asg1G2881C, adh3T201A, sks1C617A
{GIS4}UV-E3 IMI308 UV-E3 MATa, gis4G295A