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Fig. 3

From: The micromorphology of Trichoderma reesei analyzed in cultivations on lactose and solid lignocellulosic substrate, and its relationship with cellulase production

Fig. 3

Influence of the inoculation method (A1, A2) and the agitation velocity (B1, B2) on cell length. Cell length was analyzed in wheat straw (A1, B1) and lactose (A2, B2) cultivations. A1, A2 Precultures were inoculated with a piece of overgrown agar (black bars) or 105 spores/mL (grey bars). B1, B2 Agitation velocity was 150 rpm (black bars) or 190 rpm (grey bars) in an orbital incubator shaker. Cultivations were accomplished with T. reesei strain Δcre1 (“cre”) or QM9414 (“QM”). Incubation was at 150 or 190 rpm, as indicated. The addition of Tween80 is marked with “Tw”. Data were taken from Table 1, where bars indicate the mean length and error bars show the spread. Data sets with 1, 2, or 3 stars mark significance in a 95, 99, and 99.9 % confidence level, respectively

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