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Fig. 4

From: The micromorphology of Trichoderma reesei analyzed in cultivations on lactose and solid lignocellulosic substrate, and its relationship with cellulase production

Fig. 4

Correlation between cell length and total cellulase activity in wheat straw cultivations (A) and total protein concentration in wheat straw and lactose cultivations (B). A Depicted are cell length (grey bars) and total cellulase activity (empty circles). Cultivations were accomplished with T. reesei strain Δcre1 (“cre”) or QM9414 (“QM”). Inoculation was with a piece of overgrown agar (“agar”) or 105 spores/mL (“spores”). Incubation was at 150 and 190 rpm, as indicated. The addition of Tween80 is marked with “Tw”. B Depicted are cell length and the corresponding protein concentration in the supernatant of all experimental setups. Data are taken from Table 1

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