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Fig. 5

From: Structural and functional characterization of a highly stable endo-β-1,4-xylanase from Fusarium oxysporum and its development as an efficient immobilized biocatalyst

Fig. 5

Structure of F. oxysporum Xyl2 in complex with methyl-β-xylopyranoside (MBX). Ribbon representation of Xyl2 (in gold) in complex with MBX. a Close-up of the MBX binding pocket, highlighting the role of Xyl2 N-terminus (the “pinky” motif at the margin of the fingers region, spanning Thr3-Gln4-Pro5) in stabilizing the bound conformation of MBX. The MBX molecule is represented as sticks and overlaid with the electron density map (contoured at 1σ). Important hydrogen bond interactions are shown as dashed lines. b The substrate-binding residues are shown in sticks for the MBX complex structure (gold) and also for the unliganded structure (in cyan), for comparison. Hydrogen interactions are shown as dotted lines

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