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Table 2 Compositional analysis of the isolated lignin fraction from the 4% alcoholic NaOH treatment producer and the corresponding enzymatic hydrolysis residue

From: Valorization of lignin and cellulose in acid-steam-exploded corn stover by a moderate alkaline ethanol post-treatment based on an integrated biorefinery concept

Samples Lignin content (%) Carbohydrate content (%)
AIL ASL Rha Ara Gal Glc Man Xyl GlcA/GalA
AL 78.83 (0.86)b 3.32 (0.47) 0.23 (0.06) a 0.52 (0.11) 4.62 (0.14)
EHR 71.83 (0.48) 3.60 (0.75) 2.64 (0.14) 0.86 (0.02) 0.32/– (0.02/–)
  1. AL alkaline lignin obtained from the 4% alcoholic NaOH post-treatment producer, EHR lignin-rich residue remained after enzymatic hydrolysis of the 4% alcoholic NaOH post-treated acid-steam-exploded corn stover, AIL acid insoluble lignin, ASL acid soluble lignin, Rha rhamnose, Ara arabinose, Gal galactose, Glc glucose, Man mannose, Xyl xylose, GlcA glucuronic acid, GlaA galacturonic acid
  2. aNot detected
  3. bThe value in parenthesis is standard deviation