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Table 4 Carbon sources used by T. reesei found in the literature

From: Whole-genome metabolic model of Trichoderma reesei built by comparative reconstruction

Carbon source Growth rate (per unit of compound)
\(\alpha\)-methyl-d-mannoside Not found in the model
\(\beta\)-methyl-d-glucoside Not found in the model
Arbutin 0.171
Cellobiose 0.190
d-arabitol 0.080
d-Fructose 0.090
d-Galactose 0.095
d-Glucose 0.090
d-Mannitol 0.095
d-Mannose 0.090
d-Sorbitol 0.100
d-xylose 0.075
Esculin Not found in the model
Glycerol 0.049
Glycerol-1-monoacetate Not found in the model
l-arabinose 0.075
l-sorbose 0.095
N-acetyl-\(\beta\)-d-glucosamine 0.115
Salicin 0.185
Trehalose 0.190
  1. The exchange reaction for each of these compounds has been opened to allow the model to have one unit of uptake. Growth has been maximized using FBA