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Fig. 5

From: Systematic engineering of pentose phosphate pathway improves Escherichia coli succinate production

Fig. 5

Alleviating metabolic imbalance via the MMME approach. Succinate titers of the starting strains with H-ZPG, H-RR, and H-TT are only 34, 106, and 296 mM, respectively. For H-ZPG, the M-RR/M-TT leads to a sevenfold increase of succinate to 237 mM. For H-RR, the M-ZPG intervention increases its titer by 148% to 263 mM, and following H-TT modification, it further increases by 22% to 321 mM. For H-TT, M-ZPG/M-RR finally increased succinate titer by 11% to 328 mM. Values are the average of three biological replicates with error bars indicating one standard deviation. L, low expression level; M, medium expression level; H, high expression level; MMME, modified multivariate modular metabolic engineering

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