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Fig. 7

From: Efficient molasses fermentation under high salinity by inocula of marine and terrestrial origin

Fig. 7

NMDS analysis of microbial community variance in terrestrial and marine PBBRs. Community structure (relative abundances) analysis using the abundance-based Jaccard dissimilarity index on common-scaled data after removing singletons. Samples closer to one another have a more comparable community structure. NMDS 1 shows a clear separation depending upon OLR (either 5 or 10 g L−1 d−1), while NMDS 2 shows separation upon PBBR source (either terrestrial [T] or marine [M]). The stress (inertia) for the plot is 0.041, with a non-metric R 2 equal to 0.998. A statistically significant correlation (p = 0.02697, 1000 permutations) explains the separation between terrestrial and marine PBBR samples

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