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Table 3 Strains in this study

From: Improving acetyl-CoA biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae via the overexpression of pantothenate kinase and PDH bypass

Name Description Source
CEN.PK2-1C MATa; ura3-52; trp1-289; leu2-3,112; his3 Δ1; MAL2-8C; SUC2 EUROSCARF
CENF09 CEN.PK2-1C with naringenin synthesis pathway (P TEF2 -4CL P TEF1 -CHS P PGK1 -CHI) integrated into δ sites in chromosome, using KanMX for selection This study
CENP01 CEN.PK2-1C + p426PanK This study
CENFP01 CENF09 + p426PanK This study
CENAA01 CEN.PK2-1C + p426AA This study
CENFAA01 CENF09 + p426AA This study
CENPAA01 CEN.PK2-1C + p426PAA This study
CENFPAA01 CENF09 + p426PAA This study