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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes in M1 after 12-h VHG fermentation

From: Improving Saccharomyces cerevisiae ethanol production and tolerance via RNA polymerase II subunit Rpb7

Function group Genes Log 2 fold change*
Up-regulated genes
Glucose, energy metabolism, and ethanol pathway BNA1 4.08
PDC5 3.63
PGK1, PDC1, HXT14, HXT6, HXT2, HXT7, BNA4, ENO1, BNA5, TDH1, TDH2, TDH3, ENO2, ALD4, FBA1, GPM1, HXK1 2–3.1
Oxidative stress TSA2 4.91
YHB1, TSA1, SOD1 2–2.5
Fatty acids synthesis ACC1, FAS1, FEN1, OLE1, SUR4 2.2–3
Cell wall synthesis and stability PIR1, YPS1, BAG7, GSC2, PSA1, CCW12, YLR194C 2.5–3.5
Mental ion homeostasis CTR1, SRO77, VMA3, IZH4, TIS11 2–3.1
ER-associated trafficking DFM1, GET3, CWH41 2–2.8
Sterol synthesis HES1, ERG4, ERG20, UPC2 2–2.8
Down-regulated genes
Biosynthesis of pyrimidines URA1, URA2 5.4–5.6
URA4 2.56
Transcription regulators GCN4, RRN7, SMP1, YAP5, SAS2, RBA50, RRN6, IME1 2–2.7
Helicase activity RRP3, YRF1-3, YRF1-6, YRF1-2, YRF1-7, YRF1-8, YIL177C, YHR219 W, YML133C 2–2.5
DNA repair MSH1, HOP2, MUS81 2–2.3
Ribosome assembly and function RPS9B, RPF2, NSA3, YTM1, NOP6, NOP14, DRS1 2–3
Sensitive to nitrogen catabolite repression DAL3, DUR1,2 3.8–4
DUR3, DAL2 2–3
  1. * All fold changes were significant, with p value <0.05