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Fig. 1

From: A novel Sugarcane bacilliform virus promoter confers gene expression preferentially in the vascular bundle and storage parenchyma of the sugarcane culm

Fig. 1

Multiple nucleotide sequence alignments of SCBV21 [two potential promoter regions (PPRs)], 12 SCBV, and three BSV published isolates using DNAMAN 8.0. The sequence of isolate SCBV-TX (KY031904) was determined in this study, while sequences of isolates SCBMOV-MOR (NC_008017), SCBIMV-QLD (NC_003031), SCBV-CHN1 (KM214357), SCBV-CHN2 (KM214358), SCBV-BO91 (JN377533), SCBV-Iscam (JN377534), SCBV-BB (JN377535), SCBV-BT (JN377536), SCBV-BRU (JN377537), SCBGAV-R570 (FJ824813), SCBGAV-B51129 (FJ824814), SCBGDV-Batavia (FJ439817), BSOLV-NI (NC_003381), BSMYV-AUS (NC_006955), and BSGFV-EC (NC_007002) were obtained from the GenBank database. a, b Two PPRs of SCBV21 were identified by Neural Network Promoter Prediction (NNPP, version 2.2). The two TATA-boxes (TATAAAT and ATATAA) that were predicted by PlantCARE and PLACE databases are indicated in a red box. Nucleotides that are highlighted in black have the highest percentage identity

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