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Fig. 1

From: From grass to gas: microbiome dynamics of grass biomass acidification under mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures

Fig. 1

16S-rDNA-based taxonomic profiles from untreated grass substrate, samples during acidification and stored hydrolysate, at 37 °C (upper panel) and 55 °C (lower panel) (a). Hydrolysate was filled in anaerobic storage bottles and from there it was transferred semicontinuously into various methane stages (b). For both, mesophilic and thermophilic acidogenesis continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR) were used. Those were equipped with a pH sensor, which automatically regulated the inflow of NaOH for pH adjustment to 5.5 (c). Proteomic analysis was performed with samples from the first week of acidification (Highlighted with a red letter P). Green circles in the timeline correspond to days of taxonomic analysis (white circles were subjected to chemical analysis). The first column (Substr.) shows the taxonomic composition of the untreated grass biomass

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