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Fig. 6

From: Modeling and simulation of the redox regulation of the metabolism in Escherichia coli at different oxygen concentrations

Fig. 6

Batch cultivation of pfl-knockout mutant in the dual-phase cultivation starting with aerobic cultivation followed by micro-aerobic cultivation. The DO levels of 40 and 1% were set for the aerobic and micro-aerobic conditions, respectively. 10 g/l glucose was used as a carbon source. a Time course data of extracellular product and biomass cultured for 3 h under aerobic condition followed by micro-aerobic condition, where the lines show simulation results and the symbols represent experimental data [44]: open circle glucose; open diamond acetate; multiplication sign lactate; full width plus sign ethanol; open square succinate; open up-pointing triangle biomass. b Effect of the switching time on the yield and productivity. Yield represents g of lactate/g of glucose consumed. Productivity represents g/l of lactate concentration/h of cultivation time. The lines represent the simulation results and the symbols represent the experimental data of the productivity (open up-pointing triangle Liu et al. [58]; open circle Zhu and Shimizu [44])

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