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Fig. 3

From: Highly efficient methane generation from untreated microalgae biomass

Fig. 3

Analysis of essential fermentation parameters during anaerobic digestion of algal biomass in continuous mode. Left = replete-N BM, Right = low-N BM. Organic loading rate (OLR) is indicated by shades of gray in the background: OLR 1 = 1 g VS L−1 day−1, OLR 2 = 2 g VS L−1 day−1, OLR 4 = 4 g VS L−1 day−1. Error bars represent standard deviation (SD, n = 3). Detailed VFA concentration values in SI, Additional file 1: Table S1. N = nitrogen, BM biomass, VS volatile solids, TAN total ammonium nitrogen, FAN free ammonia nitrogen, VFA volatile fatty acids

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