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Fig. 7

From: A novel transcription factor specifically regulates GH11 xylanase genes in Trichoderma reesei

Fig. 7

Identification of the SxlR binding consensus sequence. a Sequence motifs of a putative SxlR binding consensus sequence derived by MEME from Dxyn2-P4-1, Dxyn1-P5-2 and Dxyn5-P5-2. Two putative SxlR binding consensus sequences were obtained. b EMSA results of SxlR binding to Dxyn2 P4-1, D4 (Motif 4 deletion), and D5 (Motif 5 deletion); the SxlR-DNA complex is indicated by the arrow. The amounts of purified SxlR binding domain (SxlR-B, μM) used were as indicated; ~10 ng of Cy5-labeled probe was added to each reaction. c Alignment of SxlR binding consensus sequence on sense (+) or antisense (−) strand in the upstream regions of xyn1, xyn2, and xyn5. The numbers following the gene name indicated the point of the 5′ starting nucleotide relative to the translation start point and the same nucleotide was indicated by asterisk. d The location of motif 4 and motif 5 in Dxyn2 P4-1 probe. Motif 4 was indicated by underline while motif 5 was indicated by pane

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