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Table 6 Characterization of PHA produced in the accumulation stage of Trial 2 compared with commercial PHA88/12

From: Enhanced polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste by using mixed microbial culture

Products HB/HVa (molar ratio) Mwb (kDa) Polydispersity Rhc (nm) a d logK d
Commercial reference—PHA88/12 90/10 2∙105 1.3 14 0.70 −3.8
Extracted PHA from Trial 2 53/47 8∙105 1.4 29 0.65 −3.4
  1. aMolar ratio such as detected by NMR
  2. bMolecular weight distribution determined by GPC-TDA
  3. cHydrodynamic Radius determined by GPC-TDA
  4. dMark–Houwink parameters a and logK