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Fig. 4

From: Removal of glucuronic acid from xylan is a strategy to improve the conversion of plant biomass to sugars for bioenergy

Fig. 4

PgGUX is a functional xylan glucuronosyltransferase. a PACE analysis of GH11 xylanase digests of WT, three independent transgenic lines of PgGUX in gux1/2/3 and control gux1/2/3 AIR. Undigested AIR controls (−). The [Me]GlcA-xylotetraose band (UX4) was observed only in WT and PgGUX expressing lines. b Quantitation of degree of [Me]GlcA substitutions. c d-glucose and d-xylose release following saccharification of WT, gux1/2/3 and two lines of PgGUX AIR. Error bars represent standard deviation of three biological replicates, *p value ≤0.05

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