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Table 1 Parameters set to empirical values from the literature

From: An accurate description of Aspergillus niger organic acid batch fermentation through dynamic metabolic modelling

Parameter Description Value References
v G2,max (mmol gDW−1 h−1) External glucose high-affinity transport maximum rate 0.186 [16, 17]
K G2 (mM) External glucose high-affinity transport Michaelis constant 0.26 [16, 17]
K i2 (mM) External glucose high-affinity transport citrate inhibition constant 933 [16, 17]
v G3,max (mmol gDW−1 h−1) External glucose low-affinity transport maximum rate 2.706 [16, 17]
K G3 (mM) External glucose low-affinity transport Michaelis constant 3.67 [16, 17]
K i3 (mM) External glucose low-affinity transport citrate inhibition constant 233.21 [16, 17]
v GOX,max (mmol gDW−1 h−1) Glucose oxidase (GOX) maximum reaction rate 27.48 × [GOX]a [26]
K GOX (mM) Glucose oxidase (GOX) Michaelis constant 33 [26, 27]
  1. a[GOX] is concentration of external glucose oxidase enzyme in mg gDW−1 and was fitted to empirical data (Table 2)