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Fig. 1

From: Deciphering cyanobacterial phenotypes for fast photoautotrophic growth via isotopically nonstationary metabolic flux analysis

Fig. 1

Growth performances of cyanobacterial species. a Growth rate of Synechococcus 2973, Synechococcus 7942 and the Synechococcus 2973 Δzwf mutant in PBR and SF conditions under continuous light conditions. Doubling times in hours are reported below for each strain. Synechococcus 7942 was grown at 300 μmol photons/m2s. Standard deviations are a result of 3–5 biological replicates. *p value < 0.02 between Syn. 2973 and 7942 PBR conditions using two-tailed equal variance Student’s t test. b Diurnal growth curve and rates of Synechococcus strains under SF conditions. 12-h diurnal growth curve of Synechococcus 2973 WT, Synechococcus 7942 WT, Synechococcus 2973 ∆zwf and Synechococcus 2973 ∆pgl. Standard deviations are based on three biological replicates

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