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Fig. 3

From: Deciphering cyanobacterial phenotypes for fast photoautotrophic growth via isotopically nonstationary metabolic flux analysis

Fig. 3

Relative pool sizes of Synechococcus 2973, Synechococcus 7942, and Synechocystis 6803 to E.coli K-12 under continuous light PBR conditions. A ratio of 1 indicates the same metabolite concentrations (normalized to gram biomass) between cyanobacteria and Escherichia coli. A ratio greater than 1 indicates a larger pool size in cyanobacteria strain than Escherichia coli. Standard deviations are based on three cyanobacteria biological replicates. a Average relative pool size of energy molecules compared to E. coli in PBR conditions. b Average relative pool size of UDP glucose to E. coli in PBR conditions. ADP glucose ratio is relative to Synechococcus 6803 (normalized to 10) due to the lack of ADP glucose in the E. coli control. c Relative metabolite pool size of Synechococcus 2973, Synechococcus 7942 and Synechocystis 6803 in PBR conditions to E. coli K-12. d Relative metabolite pool size normalized to free glutamate between the shaking flask and PBR conditions for Synechococcus 2973

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