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Table 4 List of important economic indicators used in this study

From: How does technology pathway choice influence economic viability and environmental impacts of lignocellulosic biorefineries?

Type Assumption
Annual processing capacity 60,000 dry MT/year
Biomass cost $80/dry MT
Gypsum cost $30/MT
Ethanol cost $0.95/kg
Enzymes cost $0.517/kg
Sulfuric acid cost $35/MT
Electricity cost $0.17/kW-h
Gasoline cost $0.8/kg
Ethyl acetate cost $0.96/kg
Ethylene cost $1.39/kg
Dodecane cost $1.48/kg
Discount rate 9%
Annual operational hours 7920/h
Depreciation method Straight line
Salvage value 5%
Depreciation years 10 years
Life time 20 years