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Table 2 Select solid-state 13C NMR chemical shift assignments [21, 22]

From: The effect of coumaryl alcohol incorporation on the structure and composition of lignin dehydrogenation polymers

δ 13C (ppm) Monomer origin Assignment (carbon position, linkage)
156.2 H C4
152.0 G C3, C4 etherified
148.0 G C3, C4 nonetherified
143.0 G C4OH (free phenolic)
133.4 S. G C1 (S or G) and/or C5 (G), 5–5
131 G C1, 5–5 C4 nonetherified
128.9 H C1, C2/C6, C3/C5 (R = aliphatic)
116.6 H C3/C5, C4 etherified
116.0 G C5
111.8 G C2
110.6 H C3/C5, C4 nonetherified
87.0 G Cα, β-5
86.4 H Cα, β-5
81.0 H Cβ, β-O-4
73.9 H Cα, β-O-4
63.8 H Cγ, β-O-4
63.5 G Cγ, β-5
60.0 Cγ, β-O-4
54.8 G Cβ, β-5, β–β
54.5 H Cβ, β-5, β–β
54.0 Cβ, β-5, β–β, also methoxyl