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Fig. 6

From: Laccase-derived lignin compounds boost cellulose oxidative enzymes AA9

Fig. 6

Enzymatic hydrolysis yields. a Simultaneous LMS and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose: samples containing pre-treated sugarcane bagasse and Cellic® CTec2 (CT2); CT2 + MtL; and CT2 + TvL are SCB treated with LMS based on either MtL or TvL laccases, respectively. The same legend has been used for pre-treated wheat strawhydrolyzed with Cellic® CTec2 (CT2), while CT2 + MtL and CT2 + TvL indicate the addition of LMS based on MtL and TvL, respectively. b Separated LMS (first), re-oxygenation, and enzymatic hydrolysis (after) of wheat straw. CT2 was hydrolyzed with Cellic® CTec2 without any LMS treatment; while CT2 + MtL and CT2 + TvL indicate pre-incubation with LMS based on MtL and TvL, respectively. Then, after inactivation of laccases with sodium azide, wheat straw was hydrolyzed with Cellic® CTec2. (*) The mean difference is statistically significant at the 0.05 level by the Tukey test

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