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Table 2 Strains used in this study

From: Identification of alcohol stress tolerance genes of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 using adaptive laboratory evolution

Strains Description References
Parent Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 GT-I [31]
T(1) Obtained from ALE in No. 1 This work
T(2) Obtained from ALE in No. 2 This work
T(3) Obtained from ALE in No. 3 This work
T(4) Obtained from ALE in No. 4 This work
mcpA mcpA::Kmr This work
hik43 hik43::Kmr This work
envD envD::Kmr This work
mcpA-R1 mcpA::mcpA T(1) Smr This work
mcpA-R4 mcpA::mcpA T(2) Smr This work
envD-R1 envD::envD T(1) Smr This work
envD-R2 envD::envD T(2) Smr This work
envD-R3 envD::envD T(3) Smr This work
envD-R4 envD::envD T(4) Smr This work
envD/∆mcpA envD::Kmr, mcpA::Smr This work
envD/∆hik43 envD::Kmr, hik43::Smr This work
SE ndhB::PpsbA2 pdc adhII Amr [31]
SE-T(1) T(1) ndhB::PpsbA2 pdc adhII Amr This work