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Table 3 List of CAZymes whose transcript levels were monitored in P. funiculosum NCIM1228 and PfMig188

From: Disruption of zinc finger DNA binding domain in catabolite repressor Mig1 increases growth rate, hyphal branching, and cellulase expression in hypercellulolytic fungus Penicillium funiculosum NCIM1228

Enzyme class Functional classification Predicted CAZY family
Exocellulase Cellobiohydrolase I (CBHI) GH7-CBM1
Cellobiohydrolase II (CBHII) GH6-CBM1
Endoglucanase Endoglucanase (EG) GH5-CBM1
Endoglucanase (EG) GH45
Xylanase Beta-1,4-xylanase (Xyl) GH10-CBM1
Beta-1,4-xylanase (Xyl) GH11
Beta-1,4-xylanase (Xyl) GH11-CBM1
β-Glucosidase Beta-glucosidase (BG) GH1
Beta-glucosidase (BG) GH3