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Table 4 Comparison of the biobutanol production of strains WA and WB with other reported Clostridium species

From: Genomic comparison of Clostridium species with the potential of utilizing red algal biomass for biobutanol production

Bacterial strains Substrate Production (g/L) Yield (g/g)a References
C. tyrobutyricum Ct(Δack)-pscrBAK Sucrose 16.0 0.31 [79]
C. beijerinckii IB4 Glucose 12.06 0.23 [76]
C. pasteurianum GL11 Glucose 5.0 0.08 [80]
C. pasteurianum GL11 Glycerol 14.7 0.25 [80]
C. pasteurianum ATCC6103 Glycerol 10.0 0.11 [81]
C. pasteurianum MBEL_GLY2 Glycerol 17.8 0.22 [81]
C. acetobutylicum WA Galactose 16.98 0.28 This study
C. beijerinckii WB Galactose 12.47 0.21 This study
  1. aValues were calculated based on the consumed concentration of substrates