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Table 4 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Engineering of E. coli inherent fatty acid biosynthesis capacity to increase octanoic acid production

Strains/plasmids Genetic characteristics Source
 MG1655 Wild-type E. coli K1-12 strain Lab collection
 +fadB MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadB This study
 +fadF MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadF This study
 +fadG MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadG This study
 +fadZ MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ This study
 +fadZGB MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ-RBS1-fabG-RBS2-fabB This study
 +fadZGF MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ-RBS1-fabG-RBS2-fabF This study
 ΔfadE MG1655, ΔfadE This study
 ΔfadA MG1655, ΔfadA This study
 ΔfadB MG1655, ΔfadB This study
 ΔfumAC MG1655, ΔfumAC This study
 ΔackA MG1655, ΔackA This study
 Δpta MG1655, Δpta This study
 +fadZ ΔfadE MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadE This study
 +fadZ ΔfadA MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadA This study
 +fadZ ΔfadB MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadB This study
 +fadZ ΔfadE ΔfumAC MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadE, ΔfumAC This study
 +fadZ ΔfadE ΔfumAC ΔackA (ZEFA) MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadE, ΔfumAC, ΔackA This study
 +fadZ ΔfadE ΔfumAC Δpta MG1655, mgsA::M1-93-fadZ, ΔfadE, ΔfumAC, Δpta This study
 pJMYEEI82564 (TE10) pTrc-EEI82564 thioesterase from Anaerococcus tetradius, Ampr [49]