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Table 2 Comparison of butyrate productivity in extractive fed-batch fermentation with previous studies of C. tyrobutyricum

From: Enhanced extraction of butyric acid under high-pressure CO2 conditions to integrate chemical catalysis for value-added chemicals and biofuels

  Productivity (g/L h) References
Fed-batch fermentation 0.82 Michel-Savin et al. [33]
1.25 Fayolle et al. [34]
1.41 Song et al. [35]
1.9 Sjöblom et al. [11]
Extractive fermentation 2.15 Du et al. [18]
7.37a Wu and Yang [17]
4.10b This study
  1. aImmobilized cells of C. tyrobutyricum
  2. bExtractive fed-batch fermentation