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Fig. 2

From: Integrated in situ gas stripping–salting-out process for high-titer acetone–butanol–ethanol production from sweet sorghum bagasse

Fig. 2

Fed-batch fermentation coupled with intermittent gas stripping for in situ ABE recovery. SSB was used as the raw material and the carrier for cells immobilization. The gas stripping unit was turned on and off for each 12 h of period. a Fed-batch enzymatic hydrolysis of the alkaline pretreated SSB. The concentrated enzymatic hydrolysate was used as the substrate for ABE production; b kinetics of solvents, acids and reducing sugar concentration remained in the bioreactor; c time course of ABE concentration in condensate of gas stripping unit. 36–46 mL of condensates was generated after each gas stripping period (36.2, 46.1, 41.2, 39.7, 41.1, and 44.5 mL were obtained after 60, 84, 108, 132, 156, and 180 h of inoculation, respectively)

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