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Table 6 Variations of independent variables

From: Stochastic techno-economic analysis of the production of aviation biofuel from oilseeds

Variables (−) Mean (+)
CAPEX for HRD 177 MM 253 MM 329 MM
CAPEX for HRJ 296 MM 422 MM 549 MM
Camelina oil content (%) 30 35 40
Carinata oil content (%) 37 44 51
Jatropha oil content (%) 30 33 40
Camelina price US$0.29/kg US$0.32/kg US$0.40/kg
Carinata price US$0.33/kg US$0.36/kg US$0.45/kg
Jatropha price US$0.23/kg US$0.25/kg US$0.31/kg
Hydrogen gas price US$1.10/kg US$1.21/kg US$2.00/kg
Natural gas price US$1.61/GJ US$3.05/GJ US$5.67/GJ
Electricity price US$0.17/kWh US$0.21/kWh US$0.27/kWh
Water price US$0.74/kL US$1.62/kL US$2.04/kL
LPG price US$0.24/L US$0.62/L US$0.94/L
Naphtha price US$0.38/L US$0.99/L US$1.49/L
Jet fuel price US$0.16/L US$0.40/L US$0.60/L
Diesel price US$0.38/L US$0.98/L US$1.48/L
Protein meal price US$0.32/kg US$0.35/kg US$0.43/kg
Biochar price US$1.38/L US$1.53/L US$1.88/L
Shell ash price US$0.31/kg US$0.34/kg US$0.42/kg