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Table 3 Strains used in this study

From: Electron carriers increase electricity production in methane microbial fuel cells that reverse methanogenesis

Strains Description Source
M. acetivorans AA/pES1MAT mcr3 Air-adapted M. acetivorans
AmpR, PurR, R6K ori, C2A ori, Pmcr_ANME-1::mcrANME-1
G. sulfurreducens PCA Wild type J. G. Ferry
G. metallireducens GS-15 Wild type DSMZ 7210
D. vulgaris Hildenborough Wild type ATCC 29579
  1. Amp ampicillin, Pur puromycin, ANME-1 anaerobic methanotrophic archaeal population 1, Pmcr_ANME-1 mcr promoter from ANME-1